I Used to Be Somebody: (Un)Retirement Lessons Learned

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2022 – Ready or Not, Here We Come!

Diana Landau | January 04, 2022
Even the challenges of the past two years have not stopped our podcast guests from moving forward. We checked in with some of our guests on the show to see what's new in their lives since the interview or if they have any words of wisdom to share with our audience.
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Joe Pulizzi: Godfather of Content Marketing: Make Your Own Good Luck!
Well, I just can't retire. After selling my previous company, I launched The Tilt in April 2021, a newsletter for content creators who want to be content entrepreneurs. Now, just a few weeks ago, we announced CEX - Creator Economy Expo, an event for content creators held May 2-4, 2022 at the Arizona Grand Resort in Phoenix. Once an entrepreneur, always an entrepreneur.
Jim Roddy: Media Exec Turns Biz Coach with "The Walk on Method"
I’ve been named President & CEO of the Retail Solutions Providers Association (RSPA), North America’s largest community of technology solution providers serving the retail, restaurant, grocery, and cannabis markets. I will continue to share insights on the RSPA Blog, host the award-winning RSPA Trusted Advisor podcast, and evangelize the lessons from my book The Walk-On Method To Career & Business Success. https://www.gorspa.org/rspa-announces-ceo-transition/
Mark Shaiken: Discovering his Wonderful "Afterlife" Beyond 41 Years of Law
I sent my latest legal thriller off to the editor, entitled “Automatic Stay.” In the new book, 3J and Pascale are back with six Kansas City jazz clubs that have somehow managed to survive the COVID-19 pandemic.
My hope for 2022 - peace, love, and health. A guy can dream, eh?




Richard Haiduck: Life Science exec Shifting Gears to First Time Author at 73
In writing my book, I had an opportunity to hear stories from retirees exploring their next stage and it was a privilege to hear their candid tales. However, it felt like something was missing. Wouldn't this group like to meet in person and share their yarns? So we had a party and people came from near and far and were able to actually meet each other. Half of the stories from the book were represented and a good time was had by all.



Val Haller: Music Maven with a Good Beat!
The pandemic continues to challenge the music industry with canceled concerts and festivals (we do both) – requiring creative pivots to bring artists & fans together. Our popular house concert series (Chicago) is in big demand and I’m posting daily about music news on social media (@valslist Facebook / Instagram / TikTok / Twitter). Our music community is vibrant and we'd love to have you! Whether you're a superfan or casual listener, we'll keep you in the know. sign up for our mailing list!



Chris Welles: Safari Vacation + Rhino = Life-Changing Second Act
My update on the business front has been challenging. COVID and the global supply channel issues have been a double whammy for American Rhino. While Rhinos don't hibernate, the business has certainly been slumbering. That’s not necessarily a bad thing as it enables us to kinda hit the reset button. We will be scaling back our product line substantially in 2022 and just concentrating on our sneakers which are our most popular item. We should be able to get a good supply of shoes and we will introduce new styles and colors in early 2022. Keep an eye for updates on kicks!! Happy new year to your loyal listeners from the Big Rhino.


Mike Branon: Construction Mogul Turns Zen Pickleball Instructor
My (UN)solicited (UN)retirement advice –– UNplug! Life is precious. Live more of it firsthand rather than through a device. Travel and chat and hug as much as possible (or as Covid allows). Free your mind from the political and social media noise living rent-free in your head. Live in the world you can actually affect — relationships, nature, your physical and emotional state. Sing, laugh, dance, and misbehave just a little. No regrets!



Caroline Ceniza-Levine: Creating Your Own Dream Job
Since the March episode, I have continued my (un)retirement schedule of balancing career coaching and travel. We did a 7200-mile road trip to New Mexico and Colorado to see the lunar eclipse, as well as a week in Costa Rica. On the coaching front, I’m hosting 12 Days of Coaching a free event that runs through Jan 6, 2022.





Melissa Davey: M. Night Shyamalan Chance Encounter Launches Film Director Second Act
After two years of Covid lockdowns, including paused filmmaking, canceled trips, and loss of the many face-to-face interactions I am accustomed to, I am very hopeful that the new year will bring us closer to a less restrictive life. I am looking forward to resuming plans for a second film and getting out to see so many friends and family that have been put on hold. Finally, a goal is a trip to a faraway land.



Dan Blank: Taking the Leap to Entrepreneurship!
In 2022, I am most looking forward to approaching my mission with fresh eyes. To consider anew how I can best help writers and creators, and double down on ensuring they find success in sharing what they create.





Cinde Dolphin Interview: Big-Time Beer Exec Becomes Unlikely Entrepreneur
"Bad news travels at the speed of light and good news travels like molasses" - Tracy Morgan.
My invention - the KILI Medical Drain Carrier - initiated the process for a US patent six years ago. December 12, 2021, the US Patent and Trademark Office notified us that we were awarded Patent #D938580. Within 48 hours an associate informed us of a knockoff product selling online - by a business partner!


Jerry Reynolds: Former NBA Exec, Broadcaster, and Sacramento Legend!
The last year has been very interesting as I do a twice a month podcast for an NBA and Kings fansite, The Kings Herald. Since I no longer work for the Kings, it is a lot easier to discuss the negatives of the team (a lot!) Also, I plan to spend a lot more time in Tahoe, as my wife of 54 years loves it there. Finally, I just try to make up for lost time with family, as there was too much travel over the years but I have plenty of time now. Me and my man cave recliner will continue our love affair. All the best and stay safe!


Andy Robin: Big Time High Tech Exec Living the Tapas Life
I’m working on my third round of self-taught French since I’m going to Bordeaux next year to visit some of the top chateaux. Vive l’vin!






Paul Ollinger: Former Facebook Exec Turns to Comedy
In 2022, I look forward to more engaging podcast conversations on Crazy Money and performing comedy all over the country. For those in or near Los Angeles, I will be headlining The Venice West in Venice on February 3 with very special guest Wendy Liebman. Tickets are available here.





Bob Franceschelli: Big Time Beer Exec Turns into Pickleball Fanatic
Bibi and I recently updated our long-standing Bucket List. Our sections include Religion, Family, Volunteer, Consulting/Work, Travel/Leisure, Sports/Health, Education, and Miscellaneous. A favorite “repeat” is readying to embark on our 4th year of making maple syrup from trees on our property. Reasonably easy, so fun, and rewarding: but clearly some of the most expensive liquid known to mankind. A “newbie” on the list, from just this week, is earning my level 1 IPTPA (pickleball) teaching certification. In essence, we have the framework and embrace continuous improvement to evolve, refresh and improve. I’m constantly learning from others and especially from my mistakes!


Dan Kennedy: Biz Publisher Creates Zen Life!
In January I will begin teaching at UCD in person, after nearly a two-year sentence to a remote island called Zoom. I'll be masked, but whatever......(we've all learned to shrug). This year's 42 MBA students will keep me on my toes. Hopefully, they'll learn to stand tall with their critical thinking about business matters and life itself, which is mostly what I teach. Oh, and they're masked as well. Breathe deep...project my voice...and pray for successful discussions!



Scott Miller: "Roger That" -- Pilot, Professor, Broadcaster, and Tiki Aficionado!
Currently, I am applying to a number of Ph.D. programs to improve my chances of becoming a full-time professor in aviation after I retire from my airline. In the meantime, I am still enjoying my Hawaii flying.





Robin Pajaro: Former Chef Gets Her Groove Back!
My business goal in 2022 is to learn and take steps to identify and attract my ideal client. I’d like to break into the corporate world of events. A few things I've learned over my first year of being in business is not to let the fear of losing or gaining a client by lowering your price. It’s very important to see what businesses in your field are charging, but more important is to know your own self-worth. I saw a great quote, not sure of the author, that says, “Anything or opportunity that is meant for you can never pass you by.” This quote reduces stress and gives me comfort because I know that after I've put the hard work in, I will attract the client that’s perfectly aligned with me and my business philosophy.
Diana Landau is the Content Wrangler for Pickleball Media. After 15 years in corporate marketing, in 2012 she pivoted to write and wrangle content for Niche Media's weekly blog. She now manages the “I Used to Be Somebody” weekly blog.
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