20 Strategies for a Successful (Un) Retirement

We'll tackle it all on I Used to be Somebody — the good... the bad... the serious... the not-so-serious... everything you need to build your Non-Retirement Good Life. Tons of more ideas to come your way soon!

  1. Developing a routine (even though you don't have a real job). Routines = getting stuff done!
  2. Writing a business plan for your "second act". Be accountable.
  3. Naps? Pro or Con? Where do you stand?
  4. Financial planning for retirement. It's just math — get the facts, without the fear.
  5. Pushing beyond your comfort zone. New hobbies. Joining clubs. Traveling to new countries.
  6. Staying up with technology. New smartphone. Smart TV. New apps. New podcasts.
  7. Give your life partner some alone time — a win, win, win, win, win.
  8. Making new friends & rekindling old ones. (This is tough after a "certain age". )
  9. Get out and move somewhere new! Rent a place for 2 months somewhere cool. Get a new view.
  10. You're not the boss anymore! Tips for getting used to it — your life partner will appreciate.
  1. Do new stuff. Never cooked? Never baked? Here's a recipe. Here's a pan. Start.
  2. Yelling stuff across the house at your life partner when neither of you can hear? Pro or Con?
  3. Single and looking for a partner? Online dating and becoming a "joiner" to meet people.
  4. Have a Bucket to-do-list. How about one a year that you actually do? (i.e. See all 30 MLB ballparks in a year.)
  5. Financial Advisors—How to pick one and keep them accountable.
  6. Are you a pet owner? Try not to become totally weird.
  7. Learn all about baby boomer solo travel.
  8. Create a separate workspace for you and your partner. Harmony for all!
  9. Volunteering. You've reached the no-excuse zone.
  10. Health. Keep moving! It's the key. (How about Pickleball?)

And Much More...