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I Used to Be Somebody  inspires 50+ year-olds who don't want to retire but want to build their (un)retirement good life. Each month we interview cool, inspiring people about their retirement challenges and why and how they figured it out—turning this phase of life into an incredible, rewarding reality.

It's for people who don't want to retire--they just want to do something new, more fun, and more meaningful. Our guests have created amazing Second Acts! Oh, and there's a little talk about Pickleball.

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Your host Carl Landau

I Used to be Somebody, the Podcast

I Used to be Somebody is my new podcast! It's my journey through reinventing myself in this older body but hopefully wiser mind.

I've been talking to hundreds of recently "retired" entrepreneurs / execs about what their journey was like. Retirement sounds easy, right? But for someone with a big career, it was a huge part of who they were. Next steps aren't so easy to figure out.

Each episode I'll interview really cool "retirees" who are tackling something big, new, and rewarding. I'm less interested in what they've accomplished than how they got there. How did they figure out what worked to bring them satisfaction? Were there any wrong turns in their journey? What have they learned about themselves in the process?

So, I'm basically the guinea pig for this project as I try to figure it all out, using these conversations to help me chart my own path. And one thing I Used to be Somebody won't boring! So much of what I've read about retirement is the same old stuff they were saying 25 years ago. I guarantee new insights and 100% fun. I'd love to hear from you!

Introducing... "I Used to Be Somebody"

The First Podcast Broadcasted from a Tiki Bar