I Used to Be Somebody: (Un)Retirement Lessons Learned

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Dear FART (Faux Association of Retired Truthseekers)

Diana Landau | August 24, 2020

Dear FART Faux Association of Retired Truthseekers



Dear Faux Association of Retired Truthseekers,

I just retired. Do you have any helpful info for me?


Retired but not sure what to do next


Dear Newbie Retiree,

1. First, we are going to assume you’re really, really ancient. (Like 59.)

2. Please see our 20,000 articles on financial health and your own health (both mental and physical.) Are you feeling healthier just reading this?

3. Since you wrote us, you will now get 200 advertisements with supported marketing material, such as dental implants, lurking scam fears and miracle cures. Weekly.

4. Did we mention all the resources for so many discounts on things you will never need?

5. That’s all there is. Good luck on your retirement!



P. S. Please ignore the website pickleballmediahq.com and the podcast, I Used to Be Somebody. They are entirely too insightful and empowering about what retirement could be. 

P.P.S. They are dangerously fun!


Diana Landau is the Content Wrangler for Pickleball Media. After 15 years in corporate marketing, in 2012 she pivoted to write and wrangle content for Niche Media's weekly blog. She now manages the I Used to Be Somebody weekly blog. 

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