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Moving to Another New Office! Really?

Carl Landau | November 16, 2020
OK, my "office-moving" strategy is probably counterintuitive. Most people aren't working in offices these days. Or they are trying to get out of their leases. But in a month I'm moving to probably the 15th office I've rented over the past 30+ years. Does this make any sense?
It does for a weirdo like me! I know that everyone seems to love working at home but I have never liked it. (It's too tempting to get distracted and have access to a real refrigerator!) Plus, I like a separation between my work and personal life. I also think my wonderful wife enjoys the peace and quiet with me out of the house. Another advantage is we both have something to talk/complain about at the end of each day. 
Economically, does moving repeatedly make sense? Isn't it expensive with all that moving and a waste of energy? Couldn't I have just bought an office building by now? Yes and yes and yes!
But I just figured out what I really like about it all. It gives me a totally different view on life. I'm in a totally different section of town. Different restaurants around me. New places to explore on my breaks. I have different biz neighbors and literally a different view from my desk. And It's way easier than moving my house, which I never want to do.
It's the same reason I don't want a second home--because I don't want to just keep going to the same place over and over. I want to travel to as many places (post-pandemic) and meet as many different people and engage with as many different cultures as I can.
So, yeah -- I'm probably the only person in America today looking for a new office space. This is the "Carl America Stimulus Package" to bring back the economy!
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